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Sliding Door Curtains


When speaking of home decoration, we could not miss the importance of home curtains and their impact to the beauty of our environment.


Aside from the fact that they bring elegance to our home, door and window curtains help preserve the warmth and coolness of a room.


Several sliding door curtains are made from eco-friendly materials making them suitable for use in energy efficient homes. Here are some friendly tips that you can use when planning to purchase sliding door curtains. 

When purchasing sliding door curtains and drapes, one must first consider the color of the materials used. Both sides of the curtain should bring appeal to the color of a room and its ambience.



  sliding door curtain   sliding glass door curtainssliding door curtain  sliding glass door curtains



 For rooms finished mint green or other light colors, then light green or aqua blue curtains will definitely fit in. Other combination of colors can also include white finished walls decorated with aqua blue curtains. These colors indicate peace and harmony within the environment. 


Colors of the curtains should also match the design and color of the furniture present in a room to preserve the theme. Adding an unmatched door or window curtain can make a room dull and unfriendly. Here is a tip, use your instincts and taste when matching the color of the curtains against the furniture. That should create you a very lovely combination. 


 sliding door curtains    sliding door draperiessliding door curtains  sliding door drapes


Sliding Glass Door Curtains and Drapes  


Using the wrong color for your sliding glass door curtains can spoil the looks of the room. Dark finished homes combined with too dark or blackout sliding curtains may sound creepy and extremely warm. Instead, why not try to add some light to the place by using slightly bright draperies. 



Another thing that must be considered is the materials used. For energy conscious households, drapes made from energy efficient materials can be more interesting. This type of curtain is sewn with installed thermal shield to help regulate hot air. This time, darker colored curtains work perfectly. Sliding door blinds can also be a consideration for your home.



The concept of energy efficient sliding glass door curtains and drapes is to help control the temperature of the room by reflecting incoming heat and bouncing outgoing cold air trapped in a room. The curtains also help prevent heat loss making them ideal for use during cold season. 


sliding glass door curtain       sliding door curtains and drapes


One other factor that must be considered when buying sliding door curtains is the size. Home owners must be certain that the size of the curtain fits in the door or area that needs to be covered. If curtains are order online, specifications like size and thickness is always present to aid buyers in choosing. An extra inch of the curtain is always recommended.  


The thickness of the material used in making the curtain is also as important as all the other factors. Thickness of the finished curtain can play a great role in controlling the temperature of a room.


Curtains with suitable thickness can efficiently block sun rays making the room cold despite the temperature of the outer environment. 


Aside from all these factors a buyer should consider from sliding glass door curtains, it is also very important to inquire for proper washing procedures. Most makers ship their items with washing instructions attached.


It is strongly advised that home owners should follow these washing guidelines to extend the life of their curtains and to preserve their charm. 

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